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Gellux Nails and Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Gellux Nails in Aberdeen

Gellux Nails are available in our beauty salon in Rosemount, Aberdeen.

Fed up of waiting around for your nail polish to dry only to smudge it or for it to chip the next day? There is no chance of that happening with Gellux Profile!

Gellux Profile 30 second gel polish

Gellux colour gel polish system can be applied over your natural nails or nail extensions. Nails are then placed under an UV lamp cureing the gel polish in just 30 seconds! You are left with beautiful glossy manicured nails, which lasts up to 15 chip-free days and it won’t smudge or fade either. You don’t have to have long nails to be able to wear the Gellux range as it looks equally nice on short nails. This nail system can be applied to your natural nail or with nail extensions. No more smudges! This product can be removed with acetone.

Gellux Polish Bottles
Gellux Profile Gel Polish

Gellux and Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Prices
clear overlay (on own nails) = £30.00
colour overlay (on own nails) = £30.00
french manicure (on own nails) = £35.00
coloured gel inc. tips = £40.00
french gel inc. tips = £40.00
infills from = £28.00
rebalance (whites and infills) from = £30.00
replace (per nail) from = £4.00
post extension soak off and mini manicure = £20.00
gel pedicure french/colour = £30.00
Gellux / shellac gel polish fingers or toes = £30.00

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails in Aberdeen

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails are available in our beauty salon in Rosemount, Aberdeen.

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nails by our qualified nail technicians Debbie, Antonia or Eve ,The permanent colour gel or French manicure is strong and flexible, with a glossy finish, lasting for up to three weeks. Bio Sculpture Gel is an advanced nail treatment that strengthens and conditions nails. The flexible coating moves with the nails, protecting them, whilst allowing them to grow without breaking.this treatment can be applied to natural nail or with nail extensions . Nail art can also be added , check us out on Instagram .

Bio Sculpture Gel leading Nail Care


Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails