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Non Surgical Facelift in Aberdeen

The Body Ultimate non-surgical facelift

The Body Ultimate non-surgical facelift improves the contours of the face, defines skin texture, whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles, by using relaxing micro-current pulses to lift and tone the facial muscles. Most people see a visible result and achieve a lift after just one treatment, however best results can be achieved from a course of 10-12 treatments.

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manicure Aberdeen

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Non Surgical Facelift Aberdeen
1 session = £30.00
10 sessions = £300.00 - first monthly maintenance free + 2 FREE treatments

Faith Lift

Faith Lift non surgical facelift products are available in our beauty salon in Rosemount, Aberdeen.

Faith Lift Masks main ingredient is an herbal extract which consists primarily of complex polysaccharides and associated glycoproteins. When Faith Lift Mask is applied it forms an elegant film that will tighten and smooth the skin. This perceivable phenomenon-non is due to physical changes in the polymer structure of the polysaccharides as they dry on the skin. This gentle sensation of smooth skin will last for hours, in some cases days, without the skin flaking or leaving it overtly tight. Best of all Faith Lift Mask is totally safe and non-invasive. Faith Lift Mask is a naturally derived, skin tightening mask that will help to physically lift sagging skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Faith Lift Eye cream has the faith lift herbal extract in a rich emollient base that is specifically designed for use around the eyes; to rehydrate and provide essential nutrients for healthy skin. It has an instant effect like the mask.

Faith Lift Lip is effectively a Hyaluronic acid based fractionated active that is able to penetrate the epidermis. This active is primarily used in products meant for use on the lips Lip fullness is a sign of beauty and youthfulness. Faith Lift Lip plumps, redefines and minimizes fine vertical lines and keeps lip contour in shape, providing a more youthful and appealing look. It also includes a rich blend of oils, butters and waxes with Vitamin E to nourish and protect lips from harsh environmental conditions.

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Faith Lift Cream contains the faith lift ingredient in a vitamin-rich, nourishing moisturiser containing Organic Shea Butter, Borage Oil, Organic Whole leaf Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin A Palmitate.

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£25 for 1 Faith Lift facial

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Debbie provides Maskerade non surgical facelift products at her beauty salon in Rosemount, Aberdeen.

Maskerade is a mineral rich mask which will gently cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate in just one 5-10 minute treatment.!

Maskerade is for ALL skin types even the most sensitive, for men and women,

Maskerade will instantly improve the texture and feel of your skin and will continue working for several days following application.

Maskerade consists of Argile Rose Clay and Pomegranate oil – our clay has been mined in the South of France near the small city of Apt, where it has been dried in the sun and mixed with an antioxidant sage herbal infusion, then blended with Jojoba Bead - tiny spherically shaped beads consisting of hydrogenated jojoba oil (wax), which offer effective exfoliation without the harshness of typical abrasives, no sharp edges. Very mild with natural emollient properties make this mask ideal for sensitive skin.

Detoxifying and exfoliating, Maskerade can be used on all skin types, even on the most tired, sensitive and dehydrated of skins. A truly natural product which can be used every day without drying the skin, it helps to keep skin soft and radiant, reviving and plumping as it works.

The Jojoba beads hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin as you massage in circular motions. This stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells. Unlike some other exfoliating masks, Maskerade applies smoothly and evenly without flaking particles !. Feel the sensations on the skin as it gets to work ! Tibby Olivier uses the finest Organic (wherever possible) ingredients and essential oils. The whole range is paraben, silicone and preservative free, and does not include any animal by- products, nor have they been tested on animals.

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